Mentoring Programs

As confidence builds, one of the tools that we’ve confirmed for people – 0f all ages- is the ability to tell their story in a succinct way. This propels success towards their goals. Our daily affirmations program does some of this foundation work, and sometimes young people need individual attention. In those cases, we offer parents flexible options noted below. 

I.  Grow Greatness Daily Affirmations Service – JOIN NOW! 

  • Young people need daily deposits of confidence, and this grow greatness service is awesome!
  • Daily affirmations via text to designated phone.
  • Texts are insightful quotes and interactive questions to voice their point-of-view.
  • Individual Service: $1.95 for 30-day trial. $7.95 monthly (for one text line)
  • Family Service: #1.95 for 30-day trial. $14.95 monthly (for two text lines)

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II. Elevator Pitch Development Individual Youth Coaching Session – $79 (normally $149)

  • Story development helps a young person tell their story in a way they are an advocate for themselves.
  • One :30-minute story development session
  • Two :15 minute coaching sessions
  • Upon payment, you receive a calendar link to allow scheduling the session from available calendar time.

III. Growing Greatness Masterclass -$299.00 (normally $399.99)

  • Maximum class participation -7
  • 4-Week Program
    • Development of You!
      • Delivering Results for Your Life
        • Where Can You Be Black?
        • Discover Whose in Your Corner – Your Expectations and Theirs
        • What’s Your Brand?
        • What’s Next- Blocking and Tackling for a Career or Business?
        • Thursdays Weekly :30 minute webinar
      • Taking it to the World
        • Elevator Pitch Training and Coaching to Tell Your Story, Claim Your Future
        • 4th Monday monthly. :30 minute webinar
        • Personalized :30-minute Elevator Pitch Coaching Session
        • Graduation Deliverables – Elevator Pitch and LinkedIn Profile
      • 2021 Schedule
        • January 7, 2021
        • February 4, 2021
        • March 4, 2021
        • April 8, 2021
        • May 6, 2021
        • June 3, 2021

Apply Here (2-minute application!)

IV. Custom Masterclass – Pricing Programs available for schools, community organizations, denominations, and individual family goals for their teen or young adult.