Cheryl Scales is the Founder of the Grow Greatness Youth Program. She is a Master Business Strategist and CEO of Cheryl Scales Innovation Group (CSIG),  who was twice-recognized by The Obama White House for her leadership efforts. She is  Princeton graduate who majored in Politics and African-American Studies and participant in several Harvard University Executive Education programs.

Cheryl is also blessed to come from an amazing family and Memphis’ historic African-American community that was first in America where Blacks could own their own home. She’s travelled all over the country, 30+ countries across the world, and creates transformation, equity, and revenue in multiple industries and across communities. Her rolodex is robust in multiple dimensions.

CSIG, her consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in innovation, business development , branding, inclusion training, and leadership empowerment. Cheryl has built her 15-year entrepreneurial career serving, mentoring small and diverse businesses as well as assisting clients, civic organizations, and school systems with their goals, priorities, and initiatives to propel success. Ms. Scales has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, Fox Atlanta, NBC and NBC’s American Inventor and many other media outlets. Cheryl has had the pleasure of working with Procter & Gamble, Delta Air Lines, Smith Seminary, Shelby County Schools, Princeton University Entrepreneur Council, Howard University, Southern University, Atlanta Black Chambers, Goverment Contractor’s Association as well as the Small Business Administration and GSA SDVOSB program.

As she looks to the next chapter of making an impact, Cheryl believes it’s simply time to bring the next dimension of structure to African American young people in this 16-20 age window. So many times they get left behind or pushed to the side. Their struggle is often seen as part of ‘just growing up’ but oh Cheryl imagines that starting to help them gain their voice, their confidence and grow their greatness early can help move the world and community forward. That’s the kind of signature that Cheryl wants to ultimately sign.


Terrace Smith. A dynamic 17-year old tour de force in his own right and a graduate of the Grow Greatness Elevator Pitch Coaching Program. He’s a junior who enjoys math, plays safety for his football team, and enjoys his cousins. He’s also a young Russell Wilson twin.



When you refer an African American youth to the Grow Greatness mission, you become an ambassador who shares in the journey! We provide a monthly revenue share as long as the referral remains in the program.