About Us

African American young people are powerful and openly facing justice issues that threaten their social, legal, and educational outlook. Some are discussing quietly with friends. Others are becoming activists in the spirit that many of lived and most studied. They are also seeking new tools and approaches to strengthen their effectiveness in communicating and conveying the upside of their presence and contributions.

African American young people are full of insights and perspective that they openly share with their peers and sometimes their teachers.  Many times they are shy and/or reluctant when expressing who and what they offer to adults, their community or the world. This is the truth of normal times that needs to be addressed but these are new times with the pandemic season and the exhaustion for the regard of life that has expanded awareness of Black Lives Matter. Their need for greater truth is upon us all.

During Covid season, there is certainly anxiety but four in 10 teens say they are feeling more connected than usual with their families. This is an awesome and surprising benefit of this season where teens, young adults, parents and guardians can discover a space for life and skill development. Not only the skill of protest and organizing but also the increased need for a powerful communication toolbox that reinforces the basics and ignites their personal brand. This is a season to explore becoming more connected with their internal purpose so they are ready for the opportunities of the day. It’s the season to tell their story and claim their future.

The Grow Greatness Youth Program is a confidence-building program that focuses on African American youth between ages 16-20.

Our services are three-fold to answer the needs of this tender window of life and confidence.  We will help young people lead and live in new lanes. If our young people don’t learn to tell a positive story of their greatness at this important life age window, the long range impact can be further devasting to them, their families, and circle of influence.

This suite of services is designed to help program participants reject the organically negative perception of young Black people that could attach in their spirit, souls, and mental approach to life. It’s designed to give parents, guardians, and/or community influencers tools to lift this souls into greater impact and effectiveness.

This suite of services has an entry point, mid-range development, and custom implementation. These are designed to activate and grow greatness in the heart, mind and the brand of these young souls.

Expect no apologies from program participants who embrace their gifts. Anticipate they gain a new level of readiness to compete. They will be able to tell their story and claim their future in an ‘elevator,’ media, or any space with confidence.


About Cheryl Scales.  I am blessed to come from an amazing family and Memphis’ historic African-American community that was first in America where Blacks could own their own home. I am blessed to travel all over the country, the world in 30+ countries, and create transformation, equity, and revenue in multiple industries and across communities. My rolodex is robust in multiple dimensions.

As I look to the next chapter of making an impact, I believe it’s simply time to bring my next dimension of structure to African American young people in this 16-20 age window. So many times they get left behind or pushed to the side. Their struggle is often seen as part of ‘just growing up’ but oh I can imagine that starting to help them gain their voice, their confidence and grow their greatness early can help move the world and community forward. That’s the kind of signature that I’d like to sign.