TWO PATHS to Mobilize Your SOUL and SUCCESS!

Mobile Motivation Series – Program I

  • Only $.99 monthly
  • Weekly Confidence Building Quotes on Monday, Friday (Weekend Kickoff)
  • Spotlight the Good News for African-American Youth
  • Monthly Conference Call

Mobile Motivation Series – Program II

  • Only $1.99 monthly
  • Daily Confidence Building Quotes (5 days)
  • Career & Jobs Leads and News that African-American Youth and Young Adults Can Use
  • Monthly Live Call via FB/Instagram/Zoom





Voices of Youth Greatness is our weekly podcast featuring young people talking about the issues facing African-American youth in high school and post-graduation as they make their way into the world of work, community, and creating a legacy for their lives. Real topics. Real conversations.

Cheryl Scales, Founder

Cheryl Scales is the Founder of the Grow Greatness Youth Program. She is a Master Business Strategist and CEO of Cheryl Scales Innovation Group (CSIG), who was twice-recognized by The Obama White House for her leadership efforts. As she looks to the next chapter of making an impact, Cheryl believes it's simply time to bring the next dimension of structure to African American young people in this 16-20 age window. So many times they get left behind or pushed to the side. Their struggle is often seen as part of 'just growing up' but oh Cheryl imagines that starting to help them gain their voice, their confidence and grow their greatness early can help move the world and community forward. That's the kind of signature that Cheryl wants to ultimately sign.Full Bio


Power Up Parents is the conversation with parents who are seeking opportunities for their youth as well as facing different details in the world of parenting today. Some old school thought matters but new approaches are needed too.  Excellent speakers! Parent membership community where parents meet bi-monthly. Connect conversations for support, knowledge, and impact. It won't solve every problem but you won't be on the journey alone.

Other Insights to the Canvass of African-American Teens that Drive Our Passion to grow the greatness of our teenagers and young adults.